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Geraldine McAlinden and Bríd Ní Chumhaill in new series of Scúp

Geraldine and Bríd will be appearing in the new series of Scúp starting the 1st of April on BBC2 & TG4.


Corp agus Anam & Ros na Rún

Brid Ní Chumhaill is currently filming on the second series of  ’Corp agus Anam’ . Funded by TG4, shooting in Galway, written and directed by the enormously talented Darach Mac an Iomaire. First series won huge acclaim. Tense, credible, fast-paced stories. Four part series.

Brid also recently completed filming on Ros na Rún  reprising her role as Inspector O Shea. Stay tuned for more romance, murder and mayhem in the sleepy village of Ros na Rún later this year!

Bob Kelly and Bríd Ni Chumhaill appearing in Breith agus Bás tonight!

Breith agus Bás, featuring Bob Kelly and Bríd Ni Chumhaill airs tonight on TG4 at 9.30pm. Don’t miss this incredible docudrama that charts one of the most turbulent times in Ireland’s History

(Viewable online at for anyone overseas)

Bean Sidhe & Golgotha

A screening of “Bean Sidhe” and “Golgotha” featuring Chris Gallagher, Bríd Ní Chumhaill and Deborah Wiseman will take place at the IFI, Temple Bar on Wednesday July 4th at 7.00 pm

The House at The Abbey Theatre

Bríd Ní Chumhaill has recently been cast in The House by Tom Murphy at The Abbey Theatre , directed by Annabelle Comyn.

Chris Gallagher & Brid Ní Chumhaill filming on short film ‘Bean Sidhe’

Filming in Donegal and Co Wicklow with Alfie productions.

Bríd Ní Chumhaill in ‘Washed-Up Love’ at the Galway Film Fleadh

Short Film directed by Dylan Cotter, produced by Fiona Kinsella, Jumper Productions. & the Irish Film Board. Bríd plays a leading role opposite Padraic Breathnach.