Donncha O’Dea

Donncha O’Dea trained at the Performing Arts School Galway, where he was awarded the Performing Arts Certificate of Excellence in 1999, and later continued his training at the Gaiety School of Acting.

Donncha was nominated as Best Performer for his role of Teddy in Dummy (Morb) at the Dublin Fringe Festival Awards 2017.

Donncha is a founder member of Glass Doll Productions and credits include I Am My Own Wife (Actor), Inhabitance, BROADENING, Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children and Camera Shy (Producer).

Theatre credits include F.A.T.D.A.D. (The Complex), Rapunzel (Gaiety Theatre), Dummy (Morb), Annie (Cork Opera House), If We Can Get Through This (24 Hour Plays), Robin Hood & his Merry Men (Gaiety Theatre), Coast (Red Bear Productions), Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf (Gaiety Theatre), Eejit Of Love (Studio 42), Starchaser (Collapsing Horse), I, Keano (Olympia Theatre), Peter Pan (Gaiety Theatre), Cabaret (The MAC/Bruiser Theatre Company, Belfast), The Angel Of Woolwich (Collaborations 2014), Aladdin (University Concert Hall/Robert C Kelly), An Enemy Of The People (Gate Theatre), The Parting Glass-Staged Reading (Abhann Productions), Scylla & Chyrbdiss-Staged Reading (Rough Magic), Pocket Music 2011-2012 (Show In A Bag), Big Love and Julius Caesar (Abbey Theatre), Silver Stars (Broken Talkers), Boy With A Suitcase (Barnstorm), Serious Money (Rough Magic/AIB SEEDS), Durang Durang 2011-2012 (Brazen Tales), The Muse Unbidden (Collaborations 2012) Redline Deadline, Spartacus and War of the Roses: Back in Black (Whiplash), Twelfth Night (Fast and Loose), 7 Jewish Children (Pheonix Park Productions), Bent (Struts&Frets), Grimm Tales (Samuel Beckett), The Taming of The Shrew and Twelfth Night (Public Shakespeare), Rudolph, Cinderella and A Christmas Carol (Talisman) Pocket Music won the Bewley’s Café Theatre “Little Gem” Award at the ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 Awards.

Film & TV Credits include Macro (Atlantis Productions), HOLD (24 Hour Film Race), RESET (Morb Films), Afternoon Tea In Dubrovnik (Morb Films), The Beo Show (RTE), The Food Guide To Love (Parallel Films), Ray (HooHox/Garbo Films), Meet The Orchestra (RTE), Hubble (RTE), Hope (Curazon Lost), Everybody Hates Mondays (BIFE).

Choreography credits include Assassins (Rough Magic/SEEDS), Ray (HooHox/Garbo Films), Richard III and Twelfth Night (Fast and Loose), After Midnight Before Dawn (Silent Blade) and Serious Money (Rough Magic/AIB SEEDS).

Design credits include Fishes (David Fennelly), Animus (Denis Clohessy), FUSED (Dan Bergin), BROADENING (Glass Doll Productions), Roger Gregg’s Faustus (Crazy Dog Audio Theatre), After Midnight Before Dawn (Silent Blade), Redline Deadline, Danse Macabre, Spartacus and War of the Roses: Back in Black (Whiplash) and Moraima: The Silk Labyrinth (Reddress).

Donncha had his directorial debut in 2008 when he directed Moraima: The Silk Labyrinth for Reddress Theatre Company.

For a sample of some of Donncha’s Voice Over work see below

Commercial Voice Reel

Narration Voice Reel

Animation Voice Reel


Coast – Red Bear Productions, September 2016

“Donncha O’Dea’s performance as Gerry is outstanding. His range is astonishing and his interaction with his (to us invisible) dog is just one of a myriad of details in a memorable performance” No More Workhorse, September 2016

“Donncha O’Dea as Gerry, the soft spoken man with wounds too deep for him to even acknowledge, in an absolutely stand out performance.” Chris O’Rourke, The Arts Review, September 2016

“With an exacting subtlety in his portrayal of physical suffering, Donncha O’Dea makes it clear that Gerry cares more for companionship than he will ever dare to admit.”, September 2016


Peter Pan – Gaiety Theatre, Christmas 2014/2015

“This ragtag group [of pirates] is led by Smee (the superlative Donncha O’Dea)” Sara Keating, The Irish Times, 2014


Pocket Music – Donncha O’Dea & Camille Ross, September 2011

“Donncha O’Dea [is], as ever, the consummate performer and hams up [his] performance sufficiently so that Vivienne becomes a caricature of the stereotypical “Act-or” in our eyes.” Lauren O’Toole,

“A tirade of one liners delivered with the sort of timing that comes natural to Donncha O’Dea had many in the room gasping with laughter” Dave Donohue,


I Am My Own Wife – Glass Doll Productions, January 2011

“Committing 44 characters and 46 pages of script to memory, Donncha O’Dea (as Charlotte) makes the switch from part to part both smoothly and shrewdly, never letting the transitions pull focus from the story.” Caomhan Keane, Irish Theatre Magazine

“O’Dea displays great dexterity throughout the two acts flitting seamlessly back and forth through the myriad of characters. [His] performance was flawless, his stamina remarkable. There’s always the fear with a two act, one man show that you’ll tire of that one man – with O’Dea, Charlotte, Doug and his multitudinous other personas this is never the case” Lauren O’Toole,


Durang Durang – Brazen Tales, June 2011

“Every member here was playing to win, in particular Donncha O’Dea who oscillated between comedian and straight man with admirable ease” Louise Finn, The Evening Herald

“O’Dea threw [himself] into [his] respective roles in a way that made them undistinguishable from each other while also carrying hints of the real life characters you just know Durang based them on, pulling a solid show up to being a side splitting one” Caomhan Keane


Boy With A Suitcase – Barnstorm, March 2009

“Donncha O’Dea, in one of his impressive multiple roles” Sylvia Thompson, The Irish Times


BENT – Struts&frets, August 2008

“It is Donncha O’Dea who gives the stand-out performance of the evening, with the profound emotional weight of his understated performance embodied physically too.” Sara Keating, The Irish Times


Latest News


Donncha O’Dea in The Horror’s in The Black Church


This evening Donncha O’Dea is finishing the sold out run of The Horrors in the Black Church. Presented by Morb as part of this year’s Bram Stoker Festival, the evening of three short horror plays by Peter Dunne, Lauren Shannon Jones and Stuart Roche was performed in the Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle.

by City Headshots Dublin

Donncha O’Dea on The Next Stage


Our member Donncha O’Dea starts The Next Stage tomorrow. The Next Stage is an artist development programme run in partnership between Theatre Forum and Dublin Theatre Festival. Best of luck to Donncha over the next two weeks. Previous Frontline members to take part on The Next Stage include Aine Ni Laoghaire, Liam Burke, John Morton and Fiona McGeown.

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Frontline At Fringe


Lots of the Frontline team are working on shows as part of this years very exciting Dublin Fringe Festival line up.

Sweet Sensations

Sharon Coade and Amy Dunne both appear in this raucous new comedy set in a nursing home from Teri Fitzgerald. It runs September 18th to 22nd in Smock Alley Theatre. Tickets here.

Running + Walking In The Phoenix Park

John Morton appears in this meditative play about a man running for his life. It plays both weeks of the festival from September 12-14 and again from September 19-22nd in Project Arts Centre. Tickets here.


Aine Ni Laoghaire is performing in the sharp, comedic new piece from Alice Malseed and Sarah Gordon. The show runs from September 17th to 22nd in Smock Alley Theatre. Tickets here.

My Dad’s Blind

Our own Donncha O’Dea is producing the new exciting work from Anna Shiels-McNamee. It runs from September 18th to 22nd in Project Arts Centre. Tickets here.

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