Liam Burke

2015 has been an exciting year! It involved being in “Wide Open Opera’s” production of “Things We Throw Away” in Belfast and Dublin, appearing in soon to be released “Dare To Be Wild” directed by Vivienne DeCourcy, being nominated as the best actor in L.A. Short Film Festival for “Positive Discrimination” directed by Charlo Johnson, recording original poetry Dioni Mayo in Spain, appearing on stage in “Mother You” directed by Louise White in the Tiger Fringe Festival and Theatre Upstairs production “The Bells Of ” directed by Louisa Sanfey. Participation in the Theatre Institutes pilot scheme, Prime, was also a highlight. This was amazing scheme to help older actors to kick start their careers.

Another highlight was being selected to participate in Theatre Forums “Next Stage” – an 18 day immersion in theatre, 26 plays, workshops, seminars and discussions facilitated by Christine Poulter. Along the way there were videos for Thinkhouse, voice recordings at Beacon Studios and overall strengthening of career opportunities and future prospects.

Liam has trained with John Breen, D.I.T Rathmines Dublin and University College Dublin. Has appeared in Brokentalkers production of the highly acclaimed ‘Silver Stars’ which originated at the Dublin Theatre Festival and has toured internationally in New York, Paris, Auckland and Finland. His Theatre roles also include Hamm in ‘End Game’ Kerstin Bernick in ‘Pillars of Society’, David in ‘Kilt’ and various roles in Andrews Lane Production of Harold Pinters ‘Party Time’ and ‘Precisely’.

His Film and T.V roles include Mr.Boaz in the Tom Hanks production of ‘City Of Ember’ John Daly in ‘The Easter Seven’ for TG4.

To view a sample of some of Liam’s recent work please click below.

Tempting me – In the Willows

Naughty/Nice – A thinkhouse Productions

Man Made Men- Feganfilms

OPUS K  Directed by Eamonn Grey

Hunter Gatherer Music Video

Funki Good Times, Music Video made in New Zealand


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An Crann airs tonight as part of Shortscreen, RTE2 12.05am


An Crann (2015) 15’14” Award winning short film directed by Emma Carlson can be seen tonight at 12.05am on RTE2.
A married couple in Donegal contemplate revenge after a mysterious new neighbour fells their tree. Starring Nichola MacEvilly, Bairbre NiChaoimh and Liam Burke.
Based on the poem ‘An Crann’ by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill.
For more info see here


1916 Seachtar na Casca


Did you catch Rory Mullen and Liam Burke last night on TG4’s 1916 Seachtar na Casca?
Rory as Tom Clarke, Liam as John Daly.


Liam Burke appearing in Mother You by Louise White for Tiger Dublin Fringe


Liam Burke will be appearing in Mother You by Louise White as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2015. The show will take place in Block B Cultural Space, Smithfield. This is a promenade style show so please dress appropriately. For tickets and more information see here

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