Rory Mullen

Rory studied drama in Madrid under the renowned Argentine director Cristina Rota.

Rory’s recent credits include Intruders in the role of Det. Warren alongside Sally Lindsay for Channel 5 due for broadcast in April 2021. He can also be seen in Frank of Ireland with Brian and Domhnall Gleeson as the Taxi Driver. Rory also played the part of Nathaniel Caine in Miss Scarlet and the Duke with Kate Philips and Stuart Martin.

Other credits include Captain of the Bolton Archers in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Rory portrayed Thomas Clarke, the 1916 Easter Rising leader in the acclaimed 1916 Seachtar na Casca on TG4, and again in the follow up series 1916 Seachtar na Dearmadtha.

Rory also starred in The Adventurer; The Curse of the Midas Box starring Sam Neill, Michael Sheen and Lena Headey, and as the Mass Priest in Hunger with Michael Fassbender (Dir. Steve Mcqueen)

His theatre credits include amongst others Accidental Death of a Anarchist, Small Box Pyschosis, Talk Radio, The New York Monologues, The Cripple of Inish Maan, The Back Backwood Boys and Rainstorm

For a sample of some of Rory’s Voice Over work see below

Commercial Voice Reel

Narration Voice Reel

Video Game Voice Reel



Songs for Amy
…. the Irish (and all their global cousins) love a good story and SONGS FOR AMY has several of them. Wait until you see the one scene about the Dublin taxi driver (Dublin actor Rory Mullen) in Limerick! –

1916 Seachtar na Casca
Rory Mullen pulls off an impressive performance as the veteran Tomas Clarke. –

Most Memorable Moment: In the GPO towards the end of the Rebels time there. As Pearse prepares to evacuate, Clarke is left simply staring at the ruins of the building and you get a sense, from the portrayal by Mullen, of a man’s dreams crashing down around him. –

Portrait of a Zombie

Another exceptional performance is that given by Rory Mullen. Playing the father and husband, he is a strong central character. The devotion and love he shows for his family and wife is very sweet – Corey Danna,

The acting performances are of a remarkably high standard. Most notably of all are Geraldine McAlinden and Rory Mullen, who play the blighted son’s long suffering parents. McAlinden is the typical Irish Mammy; she will do literally anything if she deems it to be in her son’s best interest. Her character manages to be lovably sympathetic and bat-shit crazy at the same time. Mullen is her somewhat more grounded foil; a tormented soul, playing along to his wife’s delusions in the hope of preserving what little is left of her sanity. What makes their performances so powerful is their realism, despite the fantastical situation they are in. Most anyone who ever grew up under an Irish roof will recognise this. – Carmel Whelan

His harried but supremely loving parents (perfectly pitched performances by Geraldine McAlinden and Rory Mullen) talk with touching sincerity about their son’s plight. – CineQuest 2012 Top Picks

Billy’s parents(Geraldine McAlinden and Rory Mullen) are the real heart and soul of the film as they sit on the couch for interviews recounting how they met, how proud they are of Billy and if only people knew him like they do (cut to shots of Billy writhing in bed, gnashing his teeth and screaming). –Quiet Earth

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Rory Mullen in THE INTRUDERS


See Frontline client Rory Mullen (who plays Det. Warren) on set of Channel 5’s New 4 part Drama THE INTRUDERS. The show stars Elaine Cassidy, Sally Lindsey, Helan Behan, Seamus Moran, Simon Coury and Paul Tylak amongst others.
Due to air 2021.


Live Streaming of MONGED tonight


Join us on Facebook this Saturday 2nd May for a live streaming of MONGED.
The film stars John Connors, Graham Early and Rex Ryan and was co-directed by Frontlines Rory Mullen.
The film is being shown as a fundraiser for Pieta House.
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Miss Scarlet & The Duke


Have you been watching Miss Scarlet & The Duke? Keep your eyes peeled for Frontlines Shane Casey and Rory Mullen as they pop up in this brand new crime drama.
New & exclusive to Alibi, Tuesdays at 9pm

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