Tom Moran

Tom is an actor, writer, singer comedian and podcaster who is currently appearing as Edgar in King Lear from Mill Productions. He most recently appeared in the acclaimed show Fierce Notions at Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 and as Jack Absolute in Smock Alley’s summer production of The Rivals.

Tom graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree from the Acting Program of The DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in June, 2015. Tom also spent 2014 abroad, training in  Chicago’s Columbia College having won a scholarship to study there under the tutelage of Chicago theatre and comedy legend, Sheldon Patinkin.

In late 2015, Tom made his onscreen debut in acclaimed director, Pabol Barabas’ From Slovakia With  Love. Tom  spent four months in Slovakia during the summer of 2015 and starred opposite Gabriela Marcinkova (360, Byzantium). Recently, Tom created, wrote and starred in Fix Me, an original web series which was released on YouTube in May, 2017.

In August of 2016, Tom wrote and performed The Belly Button Girl, a one man monologue play which ran in The New Theatre, Dublin and was described by reviewers as ‘a beautiful, refreshing piece of very touching and truthful theatre. An observant and witty, tearing comedy with a somewhat unusual ending. Moran gives an earnest performance, cutting his teeth on a topic that has universal salience. The play is a funny, heart wrenching throw back to the confusion of being vulnerable and falling blissfully in love. Moran is full of energy on stage­­, a passionate performer, it’s clear he has plenty more to say’.

This Christmas, Tom starred in the title role of Aladdin in The Helix which broke box office records and ran for 82 performances. In February of 2016, Tom’s debut musical, LYRICS, premiered as part of Smock Allies: Scene and Heard festival alongside Sarah Gannon (Celtic Woman, The Promise) and had the honour of being the first show at the festival to sell out.  LYRICS will return for an extended run in early 2018.

In 2014, Tom won the National AIMS Award for ‘Best Male Singer’ for his portrayal of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. Tom also played the role of Dan in the U.S Premiere of ‘From Up Here’,  during a three week run in The Towle Theater, Indiana. In September 2015, Tom played Tony in a sold out run of West Side Story in The Theatre Royal, Waterford with TheatreBox Productions. And, more recently, Tom returned to The Theatre Royal where he played Danny Zuko in Grease: The Musical  during  sold out run.

As a comedian, Tom has performed in venues across Dublin including Whelans, The International Bar and The Ha’apenney Bridge Inn. Tom also hosts a podcast, Personality Bingo with Tom Moran which can be found on the Headstuff Podcast Network. On September 22nd, Tom will be joined on the stage of The Tivoli Theatre with Roddy Doyle and Jarlath Regan for a live show where Personality Bingo and the Irishman Abroad Podcast will share the stage at The Dublin Podcast Festival in association with Headstuff and Aiken Promotions.




Tom Moran-  Jesus Christ Superstar – Judas

Decades on from watching Superstar for the first time, I’ve finally seen the light. Despite the show’s title, the role of Judas is at least central to this tale and, at last, I’ve come across someone who not only can sing the role but has the ability to enunciate his words. Even recordings, at times, might as well just have been white noise but a big hallelujah then for teenager Tom Moran who finally made sense of the part with a commanding performance as the frightened and confused mortal doomed to go down in western history as synonymous with betrayal.

If his tearing pop tenor was good in Heaven on their Minds at the start of the night it had really warmed up by the time we got to Damned for all Time at the end of Act One and simply went into overdrive in Superstar at the end of the night. This was a real rip snorter of a performance for someone so young.

Tom Moran grabbed this role by the throat at the start of the evening capturing the drive, the hopes, fears, the confusion and the ultimate realisation of ending his life as a pawn in someone else’s game. He commanded the stage all night and possesses an Exocet of a tenor voice with tremendous diction. His performance was worth the admission money alone.

Review by John Grayden.

The Belly Button Girl, written and performed by Tom Moran

‘I just wanted to let her know it was alright to have a belly button.’

The Belly Button Girl, which went on at the New Theatre in Dublin last week, is writer and actor Tom Moran’s first feature length play.

We follow a year in the life of a young man as he attempts to manoeuvre himself into adulthood, and fails, ‘I started using the lunch bell over at the local primary school as my alarm clock’.

We meet him as he arrives at his cousin Sharon’s 21st Birthday party at the Parochial Hall in Dingle. Unfortunately, the party is filled with complete Aislings. Feeling out of his depth and lonely, he decides to lock himself in the bathroom for the evening ‘with a glass of water and the wifi password’, when he claps his eyes on the Belly Button Girl. She is working behind the bar, her hair pinned up in a dark bun, bird like, with tiny black hairs on her skinny arms, and so begins an infatuation with this warm and elusive young woman.

Moran came up with the idea when he was writing Downward Facing Dog, the story of a young man who falls in love with his yoga instructor, while simultaneously being very bad at yoga ‘I realised I wasn’t actually writing about yoga, I was actually writing about a relationship, and once I stripped it back, The Belly Button Girl was left.

Moran’s writing is observant and witty. He has created bizarre, brash characters such as ‘Sambuca Lady’; the local taxi driver and resident smoked salmon thief; Miguel, the lonely sailor from Limerick; Cleopatra, the ill-fated pug; and the ominous ‘Massive Lad’, who can’t get the Nokia 3210 theme tune out of his head.

Moran gives an earnest performance, cutting his teeth on a topic that has universal salience. The play is a funny, heart wrenching throw back to the confusion of being vulnerable and falling blissfully in love. Soon he begins to realise ‘that the belly button girl was becoming my best friend.’

Despite his naivety, we are endeared to our neurotic protagonist, so unsure of himself, and yet so willing to let himself fall, ‘I wanted to remember, what it felt like to hold her hand’. Although the play is mostly humourous in tone, there are edges of darkness peppered throughout, telling a story of how love and pain can be ruinous.

We never discover the name of the Belly Button Girl. Moran explains ‘I have a name for her in my head. But, I decided not to ever share it with the audience, it’s a secret’. Moran is full of energy on stage­­, a passionate performer, it’s clear he has plenty more to say.

Review by Niamh Mongey – Headstuff



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Tom Moran in The Rivals



Our own Tom Moran plays Jack Absolute in Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s The Rivals at Smock Alley from the 31st of July to the 2nd of September. The show is directed by Liam Halligan. The final week of rehearsals are well underway and opening night is just around the corner. You can book your tickets for The Rivals right here.

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Here’s the first episode of Fix Me, a new webcom from our own Tom Moran, also starring Frontline’s Geraldine McAlinden. Check it out.

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