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Stephen Tadgh is a Dublin Actor & Theatre Maker with additional bases in the UK, USA and the South of Ireland. He received his BA in Drama & Performance from The Conservatory of Music & Drama in 2013 and since graduating has co- founded the multidisciplinary production company, ‘Good Buzz Productions’ where he continues to create and perform original work.

Most recently Stephen has wrapped on short film ‘Thorny Island“, shot up in Belfast the story looked at a fledgling couples journey to the UK for an abortion and is currently in post production.

2016 saw Stephen’s debut in the Gaiety Theatre in Lisa Byrne’s “Midnight in the Republic’, which premiered as part of the 1916 centenary commemoration. 2016 has also seen Stephen has wrapping on “My Mother and Other Strangers” (BBC) along with playing the leading man in Philip Ridley’s explosive ‘Tender Napalm’ in Smock Alley Theatre.

The first quarter of 2017  for Stephen will see the return of Tender Napalm on a national tour of Ireland and the role of Mark in ‘Night Shift’ (Smock Alley Main Space)

Selected previous/Ongoing Work includes:  ‘Lost Boys’ (IADT 2016) Helmets‘ (Studio Perform & Good Buzz Productions 2015), ‘Deadly’ (The Abbey Theatre), ‘Who’s a Pretty…[Insert Gender Here]’ (Good Buzz Productions, Smock Alley Boy’s School), ‘The Bachelor of Kilkish’ (Bottom Dog TC, Lime Tree Limerick),  ‘Hamlet’ (The Shakespeare Workshops, Dublin School tour).” The Cat who swallowed humanity Or Not (Raven Laxdal, work in development), ‘The Girl at the End of the World’ (Dervan Productions 2014)

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“Tender Napalm is a strong visual piece. But I am happy to report that the small cast of two big stars outshines it all. Dorrell and Tadgh are simply superb as Man and Woman. They make the ninety minute play fly by. Their stage skill and ability to tell stories makes it very difficult to lose attention even for a split second.” – Yana Patrakova

“The moments of comedy shine brightly through the leaping energy of Tadgh,”

“In any two-hander it is essential that casting is faultless and thankfully Tadgh and Dorrell both deliver sterling performances. Their relationship is wholly believable, which is no mean feat given the dreamlike quality of the piece. The intensity of new love, the longing of lust, and the rawness of unadulterated sex are captured perfectly by this imperfect couple. This is nicely balanced out with dark humour and outright laughs, as well as moments of borderline gymnastics from Tadgh.” – David Keane

“Tadgh injected incredible energy to nearly every scene he was in as the witty, exuberant Ian. He has a flair for comedic timing and is wonderfully expressive in the role. The scene where he lip synchs and dances to Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ is a contender for the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. The whole audience was in stitches.”

“Gerry Lombard’s expansive barbershop set projects a naturalist scene. Tadgh’s turn as the more stylised and camp Ian doesn’t break the illusion, a credit to the actor’s control. Dialling back his delivery, he gently tells the story of a regular customer who routinely got his hair cut in order to visit his wife’s grave. It catches the audience completely off guard.”


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Night Shift for Stephen & Geraldine


Congrats to Stephen Tadgh and Geraldine McAlinden cast in Emily Foran’s Night Shift as part of Smock Alley Scene and Heard Festival.



Naomi Elster

“What the fuck do we do now?”
Kate’s attempts to confront her husband’s ‘problem’ go hilariously wrong. But the others in her all-night café have darker secrets, bigger problems. A daughter on the run. A brother and sister in search of escape. Their personal dramas are about to boil over…

Night Shift is a comedy (black, 2 sugars) that asks: how well do we really know those we know best?

Written by: Naomi Elster
Directed by: Emily Foran
Produced by: Liam Hallahan

Get your tickets HERE


Thorny Island still

Thorny Island


Frontliner Stephen Tadgh on set yesterday shooting a screen adaptation of Sarah Binchy’s ‘Thorny Island’.

Directed by fellow Frontliner Geraldine Mc Alinden, Thorny Island sees a young pair having to travel to the UK while trying to untangle one of the biggest decisions of their lives.


Tender Napalm Review – ★★★★


Read this great review for client Stephen Tadgh’s ‘Tender Napalm”. Currently in its final week in Smock Alley Theatre, running every night at 8pm

‘…moments of borderline gymnastics from Tadgh’

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